A recovery help attempt.

Why I should stop cutting:
I would be able to wear shorts.
My boyfriend would be relieved.
My boyfriend could focus on the Marines and not be focused on my problems.
My family wouldn’t judge me.
My friends wouldn’t judge me.
I may have a few scars, but if I don’t stop I could have even more than I do now.
I wouldn’t be as ashamed of my body.
I might actually be able to find myself attractive.
I have beautiful, long legs.
My life really isn’t that bad.
The pain would disappear.
I could control myself.
I wouldn’t always be upset with myself.
I could wear skinny jeans and it not hurt.
I’d actually feel attractive naked and not ashamed to even look at myself in the mirror.
I love myself.
People love me and they don’t like to know/see that I’m hurting.
I wouldn’t have to constantly make sure that people don’t find out.
I wouldn’t have to be afraid of people finding my tools on accident.
I could live a happy life.
Cutting is stupid.


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