Recovery Day 19

Last night, it was a bit difficult.
I’ve had a lot going on with my family, boyfriend, and mostly myself.
I haven’t thrown up in 3 days and haven’t cut in 2 weeks, so I’m a bit proud of myself.
I’m afraid to be proud though..
What if I slip up?
I can do this.
I just know it.


6 thoughts on “Recovery Day 19

  1. Congrats on the two weeks free of self harm! You should most defiantly be proud of yourself! The longer you go the less time you count, but the first few months are always the hardest. You can do it! I don’t even know you and I am proud of you! 🙂

  2. Stay strong girl!! Day 3 for me…but its only bc my mom found out, and is checking my ankles EVERY DAY! Im like, no, you don’t get it, just stop because you don’t know how horrible I feel sometimes!! I cant quit like that…

    • No one can quit with someone constantly stressing them out and reminding them of their faults and everything that they’ve done wrong. We know the cuts and scars are there, but we don’t want to be CONSTANTLY reminded about them… that sucks. Hope all is well xo.

  3. You should be extremely proud of yourself! I know I am. Look how much progress you’ve made, how in control you are, and it’s worth it isn’t it, even though the urges are strong, you know in your heart it’s worth it. I hope you won’t relapse, but even if you do, it won’t make you a failure- you can just start again. Stay strong hunny! x

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