Day nine

You’ve been away to basic training for nine days, now. 
I miss you like crazy.
I’m not completely falling apart, but I do feel a bit empty without you here.
Most people ask about the sexual relationship between and us and if I miss it..
Tbh I do, but I miss cuddling with you and just being in your presence more than anything. 
You mean the world to me and without you, my world has no meaning.
78 more days and I’ll get to see your handsome face..along with those sexy dress blues.
I love you, James.
And I’m here..just like I promised. 



Alone in the woods.

Every sound seemed dead.

“I love you. You’re beautiful.”

Then he reached for my head.

His lips against mine

felt of a stranger.

Hand on my hip.

I never thought you’d be danger.

Hands on my skin.

I started to weep.

“Your heart and your everything”,

he said he would keep.

He pushed me and pinned me,

the cold ground I felt.

Released his one hand,

just to loosen his belt.

I cried and begged,

hoped and pleaded.

Soon I knew and I cried.

I had been defeated.